Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June: Small Goals

 Join me, and others, as we link up with Jennifer @ The Yellow Brick Road this month to reveal our small goals.
1.  Blogging, blogging, blogging.  
     Let's admit it....I'm not great at blogging.  I don't do it often.  I'm not a great writer.  To be honest, I don't really have that much to say sometimes.  With all of that, I truly enjoy reading and browsing through other blogs, whether it's music education related or not.  So....one of my June small goals is to add a few more posts here and there.

2.  Lose Weight, Feel Better.
     It's funny (not ha, ha funny.)  One would think that being up on your feet all day teaching, while dancing and playing games with the children, would eliminate the possibility of gaining weight from Aug through May/June.  Not.true.  I don't know if I eat more during the school year or what, but it's not cool.  This month, I'm going to start small and try to lose a few pounds to get me going in the right direction again.

3. Get creative.
    During the school year my life is super busy with not only school stuff, but also my family.  Running three kids around to various activities and keeping up with the house gets crazy (can I get an AMEN from any of you?)  As a result, my creative juices are flowing in areas other than TpT.  I put out very few products during the year, most of which, is out of desperation because I need them for my students and can't find anything else to fit our needs.  This goal has been met already because I've began a Star Wars themed classroom set to use in the fall.  Knowing that people in general won't be as passionate about Star Wars as I, it's a goal to continue creating things that will be useful for others too.
4.  De-clutter and organize.
      My intentions have been good.  My plan was to begin organizing this week while 2 of my 3 are off to camp.  So far, it's Tuesday afternoon and I haven't even began.  Could it be because I'm working to reach goal #1?  Probably so.  Anyway, much like my creativity falls by the wayside, Aug-June becomes a dumping ground for papers, backpacks, junk, clothes, (insert other things here) in the house and closets.  I especially have one closet that is our "store all", "who knows what's in there" closet.  Honestly, I've opened the door a couple of times, then just decided to close it again.  My mantra....I think I can...I think I can....I don't think I can.  Ugh.  Maybe writing this goal in my blog for others to read will get me motivated to some extent.  

Stay tuned for an update on meeting my goals.  
Now....who wants to come over and help me clean out that closet??!!

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  1. Thanks for joining the linky party Stacie! I can definitely relate to the gaining of weight during school months. I always felt the same way. How could I possibly gain weight when I was so active with the students. I suppose my constant lack of sleep probably didn't help matters any ;)