Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Valentine's for School


Valentine's Love @ Home

How do you handle Valentine's Day at home?  In years past, I would rush out to the stores to purchase our family's chocolate treats or stuffed animals, then display it on the table on the morning of Feb 14th.  This system worked just fine - the kids and husband were pleased and satisfied to receive their "love" for the one day during the month.  I, however, was thinking something different for this year.  We've all been stressed with school, work, activities, etc.- I'm stressed, my husband's stressed, all three kids are stressed.  In an effort to combat this problem, my solution is love and encouragement.  Take a look at what I'm doing...

My journey began at a local store where I found these super cute little pouches.  Adding them to the shopping cart challenged me to look for sweet fillers that my kids and hubby would enjoy. Thinking in terms of smallest to largest, I picked up chocolate treats and some fun office/school supplies.

Next, my cart made a bee-line for some family favorites - snack cakes.  These are quite a treasure and speak volumes of love to my bunch. Out of the box, each little package will fit perfectly in the pouches.
Finally, making a stop by the seasonal aisle, led me to the perfect big box hearts for my special people.  Each design matches their individual personalities.
 In my brainstorming process, giving a treat to the family for fourteen days in February wasn't quite enough to express my love and appreciation for each of them, so I sat down and began creating.  
After some careful thought, I came up with this...

 Love Letters was created so I could personalize daily encouragements for each of my family members (husband too:)
Now that my supplies were collected and created, the assembly and delivery were easy.  Family members receive a treat and note of encouragement in their pouches each morning for 14 days,  beginning on the 1st of Feb.  The contents begin small and gradually get larger, eventually leading to the Valentine hearts that will be paired with gift cards for the children, and a date night for the husband :)  Though the gifts are nice, I feel the encouragement and love given from the notes will leave a lasting impact on our family.
 How do you celebrate during the season of LOVE?