Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year GIVEAWAY Frenzy!!

Join the FRENZY!
I am super-excited to join some friends and fellow music educators for a Follower and Feedback GIVEAWAY!  Whoop Whoop ;)
Entry is simple.
Prizes are $10 credit to our TpT stores.
What a FANTABULOUS way to begin the new year! 

Follow, follow me!
You can learn about new products, free stuff, GIVEAWAYS (like this one!), and about me and my classroom just by following me on Facebook, Blogger, TpT, and Pinterest!  Come along and join the fun.

Feed me!

It's really easy to leave feedback on TpT purchases.  Just a simple click rating system, plus a few helpful comments, and is done!  The best part is your return of TpT credits to be used for other products on the site.  Now, who doesn't want to get free credits?  Not only that, but it truly does help to get useful feedback for future creations.  Be mindful though, your rating and feedback helps others determine whether or not to look into my products.   Please be kind.  If there is a major issue, I would prefer to handle it through the "Ask a Question" tab.  Any and all things can be corrected without jeopardizing my store :)

It's Your turn!

Entering the GIVEAWAY is easy as pie.  Follow the steps on my Rafflecopter and receive an entry for each completed section.  When you've finished entering, visit one of my FABULOUS music friends by clicking on the links below.  Visit their sites and participate in their own giveaways!  Sounds like fun doesn't it.  Well, don't delay.  Get your clicking fingers ready to go.
Best of luck to you all!


  1. Thanks for having this giveaway! My kids loved the choir bookmarks they received after our Christmas Concert!