Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ready or Not....Here They Come!

With much hesitation, I joined the masses and headed back to school :)  Last Monday began my week of staff development and room prep.  Whew!  I'm already tired and the students haven't even darkened my door yet.  Between all the TpT shopping and the digital creating, the laminator was nice enough to allow all my goodies to go through without a hitch.  The walls are decked, the room is set up, the files are in's going to be a great year! 

Here's a few pics of my room this year...

The entrance to my music room, and "Instagram" board in the hallway.  This is where I'll display pictures throughout the year.      

My desk area and Character Counts board.


By the door I display my MUSIC rules, Attention Grabbers, Bye Bye Butterfly,
 and my reward board for 1st-3rd.

set-up and 
composer wall.

The front chalkboard with M-U-S-I-C letters for class behavior and sol-fege signs.

The view from one side to the other. The room is actually really long, but not very deep.  I was debating whether or not to lose the risers, but a lack of storage space elsewhere helped me make my decision.

I actually like the risers fine except when it comes to playing circle games.  As you can see on the floor, my velcro marks run right up into the risers.  It doesn't leave much room for play.

Anchor charts for notes/rests.

Thanks for coming along on the room tour.  I would love any suggestions you may have for getting the most use of my space.  
 And so it begins....  A new year.  A fresh start.  
An exciting ride with The Bates Clef!

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