My Classroom

Welcome to my 2015 - 2016 classroom.  This year, I'm decorating with a Star Wars theme!  The movie is set to be released in December, the stores are packed with characters, so why not ride that Star Wars train all the way to school?  I think the kids will respond well to the galaxy far, far away music room.  Come on in and take a look around.  I'd love to know what you think :)
 This is the hallway leading up to my music room and my music door.  I found these SW pics that were somewhat music related and added quotes to them.  I thought it was kind of cool.  You'll see some more on my classroom walls.

 Stepping just inside the door, I have behavior charts for 1st - 3rd grade classes.  Our school uses the PBIS system, so we've adopted the 3R's : Ready, Respectful, Responsible.  Classes earn up to 2 smiles per class depending on their overall behavior.  When each class fills their chart, they earn a "game day" or 20 minute "dance party!"
The Character Counts wall never changes, except I added some stars this year.  Below the board is this year's "I Can..." statements. 
 My desk area...notice the Music Jedi sign to the left :)
  One of my fave parts of the black shelf with SW MUSIC banner.
 The ONLY time my desk will be clean until June.  I've gotten lots of positive response from my "binder cover" that I made into a calendar cover.
Notes/Rest anchor charts.  My students are constantly referring to these.  I always leave them up and visible - even during assessments.  My motto is...look around the room and find your answers.
 Instruments are set up on the far side of the room.  Sometimes I arrange them perpendicular to the board as shown.  Other times, I set them up parallel to board.  It usually depends on my mood and what we're working on.
 When we study our composers, I call students over to the Composer Corner.  Until we begin our units, I'll keep this special composer disguised.  Something new this year...I decided to hang my hand drums.  I've got 8 or so up on the wall, and it looks cool:)
Students in 4th - 6th grades will learn seven compositions and composers this year.  Displayed above the chalkboards are posters with each set.  These composers will also remained disguised until it's time to reveal.
 More anchor charts below the chalkboards for student use.  MUSIC letters are for 1st-3rd behavior charts.  Letters come down as needed to remind students of inappropriate classroom behaviors.

When students line up to exit the room, I've got a few fun posters hanging here, plus our MUSIC Rules.  For the younger students, we chant "Bye Bye Butterfly" as they leave.  All students take advantage of the Attention Grabbers on the smaller poster.
From my desk area, this is an overview of my room.  I'm fortunate to have a Promethean board where a lot of our "learning" time is done, and then we use every bit of our classroom space for application.

Thank you for touring my Star Wars music space this year.  If you decorated with Music Jedi products, I'd love to see how you incorporated them into your own classroom.  Please visit my Facebook page, The Bates Clef, to enter a raffle for a $10 credit to my store.  All you have to do is post some pics.  Easy as that!
The contest will end on Aug 31st.  Thanks for visiting:)
I've linked up with Mrs. King's Music Room for What's On Your Wall?  Click on the pic above to check out some other great looking classrooms!


  1. Your classroom is adorable!

    1. Thanks, Julie. This was last year. I'm excited to decorate in Star Wars this year. Will be putting it up in the next week or so :)

  2. Omg! I know this is an old post but Im a first year teacher(my head is spinning) and i found your page perusing TpT. This this theme is soo awesome....Im going to go ahead and copy your room too! J/K ..kind of...I LOVE STAR WARS.