Sunday, August 2, 2015

Back to School Sale

 Hurray for sales!  I love this Back to School sale as much as I love shopping for school supplies.  It's in my blood :)  I'm excited to offer my whole store 20% off + another 8% with the code: BTS15.  That's some great savings to get a jump-start on your planning for this next year.  Take a look at some of the products offered on TpT at The Bates Clef.
For the younger students, Finger Plays in Music offers 6 songs/poems + simple movements, vocal exercises, activity sheets and more.  Because kindergarten is added to my schedule this year, I'll be starting with these as an introduction to music.  Click on the picture for the store link.
 One of my favorite activities to do as a review with 1st and 2nd is Football Frenzy!  The kids love playing with these sight reading cards.  We make a game out of it where I sing the melody and one person from each team tries to locate the correct card and take it back to their team without being tagged.  It's a football-tag kind of game in S-M or S-M-L.  So much fun!
For the older students Cedar Swamp is the way to go.  Not only does the song get them singing, but also moving and playing on Orff instruments.  This is an all-time favorite for my 3rd-6th graders!  If you haven't checked this one out, it's definitely a must have:)
Perfect for the sub-tub is a collection of BINGO games.  These come in Treble or Bass Clef, lines & spaces or note letter names.  This is pretty easy for a non-musical sub to come in and direct.  Most of the time a student is chosen to lead the activity.
Do you have a room theme in mind?  I chose the Star Wars theme early on and can't wait to get everything up in my room.  If you've shopped at all in the stores, you couldn't walk five feet without bumping into something Star Wars: clothes, toys, food, etc.  The market is flooded with anticipation of the December release.  I think my students will really enjoy this year's theme.  If you're at a loss, check out this bundle. It has everything you'll need to start your room.  The bundle includes the seven products you see below + binder covers (not pictured.)
  For these products and more, visit The Bates Clef on TpT.  Meanwhile, I'm off to make my wishlist for tomorrow.

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