Thursday, July 31, 2014

Planning "Whoas"

It's time.  I am down to the wire - two weeks left of summer.  Year-long planning should be finished.  Weekly lesson plans should be in the works.  My room should be progressing along.  And I sit.  Ugh!  Procrastination at it's best.

Truth be told, I don't enjoy planning for school.  It overwhelms me to think that I hold the key to "Music Education" for 36+ weeks and 6 grade levels containing 80 or more students each.  It seems as though the planning will never end.  And then it becomes clear that I am not alone in this process......

I tell myself to take a step...just a baby step.  I.Can.Do.This!
I gather some useful information from Lindsay Jervis's Perfect Poolside Planning blog hop, and I'm off to the races to accomplish great and mighty things.  Of course, my intention was to begin working in this direction in June. But hey, June and the very end of July is not much different.  Right?  Hmmm.
With resources on my kitchen table, I am armed and ready.

My concepts are clear.  My song lists are compiled.  My spreadsheets are coming together.   Things are definitely looking up for my planning escapades.

But wait...on a recent trip to the dollar store I found these cute little cut-outs.  So now my mind is racing to give each of these a purpose before school starts.

I guess planning will have to wait a little longer.  Hmmph. 

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