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Welcome to The Bates Clef!
I'm Stacie Bates, a Christian, wife, and mother of three.  My favorite activity is spending time with my wonderful husband of 21 years and my kids.  My blogging is simply a hobby, therefore, my writing goal is one to two times each month.  

I am an elementary music teacher in the great state of Texas (yee haw!)  Though I started in 1995, I'm just now finishing up my 9th year.  I was blessed to take 12 years off to be a stay-at-home mom.  Looking back, I wouldn't trade that time for anything.  I love teaching music to young students.  It has been my passion for many, many years.  Working with kids from 1st through 6th grade can be challenging, especially when children these days are looking to be "entertained" for their education.  In my blog, I'll write about activities I use in the classroom that kids enjoy. Feel free to follow along for ideas and products, and please comment/contribute with your ideas too.
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